Ubuntu’s Apache2 default settings differs in the
upstream default settings, as well as split up into a number of documents optimized with regard to
conversation along with Ubuntu resources. The actual settings program is actually
completely recorded within
/usr/share/doc/apache2/README. Debian. gz . Make reference to this particular for that complete
paperwork. Paperwork for that internet server by itself could be
discovered through being able to access the actual when the apache2-doc
bundle had been set up about this server.
The actual settings design to have an Apache2 internet server set up upon Ubuntu techniques is really as comes after:
|– apache2. conf
| `– plug-ins. conf
|– mods-enabled
| |– *. fill
| `– *. conf
|– conf-enabled
|– sites-enabled
apache2. conf may be the primary settings
document. This places the actual items collectively through such as just about all leftover settings
documents whenever setting up the net server.
plug-ins. conf is definitely incorporated in the
primary settings document. It’s utilized to look for the hearing plug-ins with regard to
inbound cable connections, which document could be personalized at any time.
Settings documents within the mods-enabled/ ,
conf-enabled/ as well as sites-enabled/ sites include
specific settings snippets that handle quests, worldwide settings
pieces, or even digital web host designs, respectively.
They’re triggered through symlinking obtainable
settings documents using their particular
*-available/ counterparts. These types of ought to be handled
by utilizing the helpers
as well as
. Observe their own particular guy webpages with regard to comprehensive info.
The actual binary is known as apache2. Because of the utilization of
atmosphere parameters, within the default settings, apache2 must be
started/stopped along with /etc/init. d/apache2 or even apache2ctl .
Phoning /usr/bin/apache2 straight won’t function using the
default settings.

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